Shylla Estee Pramadhani

For the past five years, I've been exploring around human-centered design, visual arts, digital products, and the world. I'm currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


It all started when my dad first installed Adobe Photoshop on our family’s PC. The enthusiastic-8-years-old me instantly fell in love with digital arts ever since…

Fast forward to 2013, I chose to major in Computer Science in my university. I became more curious about UI/UX, digital product design, and related things. I did various kind of freelance projects, participated in some design competitions, and tried to build products from scratch. As a lifelong learner slash product designer, I interned at Traveloka and several smaller startups, worked part-time at eBay Singapore, and got my first full-time job at Bukalapak right after obtaining my bachelor degree. Outside work, I still do freelance projects, participate in various hackathons, and occasionally give talks at workshops or seminars.

Some of My Wwworks

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Krisflyer App

Krisflyer App - Singapore Airlines’ Loyalty Program

This is the app that my team and I developed for a Singapore Airline App Challenge hackathon. I was the only designer, working with three amazing guys consisted of two engineers and one business analyst. Among 10 challenges given by the committee, we tried to solve the problem regarding Krisflyer, Singapore Airlines' loyalty program. We rethought the business flow, remade the interaction design, and recrafted the whole apps. And yay! We won the hackathon in Jakarta round, and flew all the way to Singapore for the final round. We didn't win though at the final round, but I'm still happy for the learnings and the opportunity that we got.

Bukadompet App

Bukalapak’s e-Wallet User Verification Feature

As the largest C2C marketplace in Indonesia, surely has its own e-wallet system. For better shopping experience, Bukalapak users are recommended to complete e-wallet user verification. I concepted and designed this feature that smoothly handles over 100 thousand identity cards submission.

Transmeet App

TransMeet - Smart Bus Shelter

​​Universitas Indonesia (UI) has several shuttle buses around its 320 hectare area, with more than 27 bus stops. As a bus user, it feels very painful to always wait for the bus without certainty. Every bus stops have a static information board, but they're not well-maintained and the information are not up-to-date. That’s why we’re crafting TransMeet, a kiosk application that tries to replace the conventional board consisting of posters and a big chart of bus arrival schedule. My two partners and I developed TransMeet based on qualitative and quantitative research we conducted for around 3 months. We then did usability testing to those who frequently use the bus and got so many insights that we used to improve the system. This project also won a gold medal (1st winner) in national-scaled competition GEMASTIK9 for User Experience Design category.

BukaAtlas App

BukaAtlas - Bukalapak's Internal Platform for Employees

I was a curious new joiner in the office when there was this announcement about Bukalapak’s Internal Hackathon for all employees. Feeling excited, I gathered with four of my colleagues (that consist of a product manager and three software engineers) and made a team. At that time, I felt that Bukalapak’s internal employee systems were not pleasant and efficient enough. For example, the meeting room booking system was so complicated that it’s even difficult just to see which rooms are available at a certain time. I started to ask people around me to validate those problems. Then I came up with one idea, and told the team about this. We were beyond excited. Even from three weeks before the D-day, we met and worked together on this idea almost every day - all because we were super duper excited. And hard work never betrays, we won Best User Experience prize.

Quint App

Quint - Internship Matchmaking Platform

This project was first started when my three friends and I teamed up in our Technopreneurship class. As the only designer, I was responsible to do the whole design process — from problem validation, user research & studies, synthesising insights, concept development, low to high prototyping, and design iterations. We conducted an interest survey to 300+ students and matched 13 students with 6 companies in 6 weeks during the initial release. As time goes by, our users were constantly increasing. We also grew our team and had our 6 other friends joined in this so-called startup. In 2016, we competed in the national-scaled competition GEMASTIK9 for Business ICT Development category. And yay! We were announced as the gold medalist (1st winner).